How use Wandery and lateral thinking

Wandery is a lateral thinking tool to help generate new ideas 💎 based on random stimulation. I created Wandery for my personal need to have a convenient tool to practice lateral thinking on a daily basis.
How to use it? It's very simple, just follow the steps below :

✔️ start by writing about what topic you want to generate a new idea, it may be wanting to find a creative way to solve a problem or an idea for something new (new product, advertising, content creation, art, etc.). We have to create a statement, for example: new ideas for a postcast, new ideas for a video adv or how to solve the problem of socialization in a smartworking context.

✔️ use the random output of wandery, use one of the following tools: random street, random word, random image or random wikipedia. Write down the output (for example the random word), in the case of random street note something that caught your attention wandering around.

✔️ the final step is to find free association between your initial statement and the random element (for a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5). For example wandering I noted a sign with the word "luxury" then I start to generate any association between a new podcast and "luxury": luxury can be fashion so I can interview people who work in fashion field; luxury can mean expensive things so I might explore and explain how the most expensive things in the world are produced and who makes them, etc...

Random stimulation is a provocation, instead of trying to work from within the idea one can deliberately generate external stimulation which then acts on the idea from outside.

Random Word

Random Image

Random Place

Random WIKI